Steam generators series G.D., single tubular type with forced circulation push-botton steaming

The steam generator “Vaporizont” is a forced – circulation boiler producing saturated or slightly superheated steam, designed for diesel or fuel oil. Or gas operation. The generator rated pressure is of 12 kg/sq cm, there fore not requiring supervision by a certified stoker; the purchaser shall, however, comply with all the accessory provisions set by specific rules for steam boilers.

It should be noted that every installation shall meet the above provisions with the recommendation to carefully follow the above provisions.

These steam generators are package unit type, complete with all control and safety devices, consequently in the erection spot is sufficient to do essential connections after few hours from the arrival, the steam generator can star.

Machine Structure:

The steam generators of the series G.D. are of single tubular type with circulation. The water circulates inside the coil by means of a special pump calculated on the ground of the water ratio and steam production, to guarantee a saturated steam, free from superheated water.

The heating surface of the boiler is provided of a spiral winded coil, lapped outside for the combustion products, and wet inside by means of the produced steam.

The fuel consumption is directly proportional to the steam requirements. That that the burner operates only with getting out of steam.

The steam generators series G.D. can operated with any type of burner at gas oil, fuel oil or gas.

The machines are covered with stainless steel which guarantees an unalterable in the years, also with the presence of moisture.

The electrical panel is centralized with stainless steel external structure. It contains all the control equipments and working circuits with low tension.

The coil is widely sized, in order to guarantee a reduced thermal efficiency. (89% - 90%)

Boiler Operation Fittings:

The boiler operation fitting provided in a steam generator series G.D., are free from the conduction of I.S.P.E.S.L.

The steam generator is provided of automatic device that lockes the burner when the feed pump stops operating or when the temperature exceeds the prefixed limit.

A pressure-switch stops the burner when the steam pressure exceeds the prefixed value. The feed water is previously heated in a steam – water exchanger, in order to increase the thermal efficiency.

The heated water is pumped inside the boiler by means of a volumetric pump that is regulated on the ground of the delivered steam quantity.

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