Soil steaming by means of covering sheets

At present soil steaming means of covering sheets is a practical system which is well-know and largely used all over the world. Yet , using our method it is possible to abate by 40% all fuel and labour costs since, thanks to the linen hose which distributes the steam under the sheet, it is possible to work whit high – pressure generators without tearing the sheets themselves.
Moreover, the employment of our generators allows to treat several square meters of surface simultaneously, thus succeeding treating a larger area of soil in the same period of time and at the same cost.

The universal use of streaming by means of sheets, both in the case of flat flower-beds and in the case of heightened flower-beds, heaps of mould, full – field cultivations, ect., allows to obtain a rational and successful disinfection of the soil in all farms, regardless of their type and size.

The way this steaming system acts, assures a safe effect as well as a safe success, up to a depth of 25 cm and more, according to the steaming time, since the surface which is under the action of the steam remains unchanged for a long period of time.

Large turfs of soil, which in spite of the digging procedure are occasionally present, are well impregnated whit steam thanks to the prolonged high temperature of the steam itself. At least two bands of sheet are need to work in a rational way. While the first band is under steaming, it is possible to prepare the second one for use.
Thanks to the completely automatic functioning of our plants during the steaming process it is sufficient to check its development every so often. In this way it is possible to spend the time needed to perform the steaming process another operations, thus obtaining disinfection every day, even during breaks.

The introduction of steam under the sheets is made by means of a injector (collector) which is placed at the side of the sheet top. The collector supplies an advantageous mixing of air and steam, by means of which a quick inflation of the sheet obtained.
The steam conduit consist of a special rubber pipe reinforced with a steel double sock. The installation of the sheet is done by laying its edges underground for about 50 cm; of course, this operation must be carried out after having laid down in a central position the proper linen hose or distribution.

During the fixing of the sheets one must be careful not to damage the sheets themselves, by walking or other reasons, since the would tear off during inflation.

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The size of the surface which is steamed whit this system in a single working process must be calculated according to the vapour of the generator used, as reported in the following table:

G.D. 200 G.D. 400 G.D. 650 G.D. 800 G.D. 1000 G.D. 1500 G.D. 2000 G.D. 2500
m2 50-70 100-120 150-200 200-250 250-300 300-400 400-500 500-600


The duration of the steaming is regulated according to the desired depth and it is about 1,5 hours for every 10 cm depth. The shorter time of this operation are obtained in the case of soils having a mean degree of humidity and at high external temperatures.

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