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The constant specialization of cultivation and, respectively, the recurring cultivations which take place in the field ornamental plant and vegetables, the so – called mono cultivations, cause a strong interaction between the microfolora and the radical system of plant.

On those occasions large losses in the cultivations occur due to the pathogenic agents which grow in the soil as well as to virus, funguns, nematodes, ect. A part from that, in the soil there is a microflora concurring between the plants and the nourishing substances, which causes some troubles in the growth of plants. By means of soil steaming it is possible to achieve a widespread prevention as well as a very effective treatment of all existing diseases.

Steaming doesn’t leave noxious or poisonous wastes in the soil used for cultivation and therefore it can be considered as a friend of the environment.

Besedes the destruction of disease germs, insect, or other elements which are harmful to the soil, soil steaming proves to the widely effective against weeds, too.

The appearance of the tiredness symptoms in the soil removed and the treated. All the troubles In the growth of plants, cause by noxious relationships between the soil microbes and the plants themselves, are cleared up.

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A wide series of analyses and test has proved that the soil sterilization by means of steaming is the most extensive and safe method to sterilize the soil.

The operation is completely harmless and it can be performed without causing any damages or risk to the environment in all soil used cultivation, gardening and horticulture.

When using sterilization by means of steaming it is not necessary to wait some time before cultivating, a condition which is anti-economical. On the contrary, it is possible to start the cultivation after a short time, as soon as the soil temperature has gone dawn to 25-30° C.

Partial surface which are under glass or in the open air, and which have already been harvested or which are cultivated in the terraces ca be steamed without causing any risk or damage to the adjacent cultivations. The present technique of steaming performed with our installations, is very economical and it can be made in a relatively short time.

The choice of the right steaming plant as well as the choice of the suitable system, according to the size of the firm and kind of cultivations, is of course quite decisive for its rational use.

Therefore, we suggest a preventive specialized consultation with our firm agencies. The natural sterilization of the soil by means of steaming gives larger harvest from the available surfaces, as well as an excellent quality of the produce. This is the reason why it is an indispensable means to increase the profitability of the firm and to maintain a good capacity of competition.

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